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Flavor Media is a diversified entertainment group that specializes in social media marketing, online advertising, nightlife promotions, event planning, concert production, and music-based blogging, among others. Flavor Media has strong relationships with many concert venues, nightclubs, bars, and restaurants across Boston, and is committed to helping local businesses maximize their marketing potential.


Our History

While Flavor Media wasn’t officially formed until the Spring of 2011, the groundwork for its inception and its ideology had long been laid out at the hallowed halls of Brandeis University in as early as 2007. Tired of the stagnating social scene at the Waltham college, our founders started up a series of off-campus house parties at their home, which became known as “Flavor Country”. The parties were meant to provide an alternative to the school’s unrecognized yet exclusive Greek life events, a unique destination where all members of the Brandeis student community would feel welcome to dance, socialize, and party with their fellow students.

By the senior year of our founders’ college career, Flavor Country had blossomed into the single most popular party destination for not just Brandeis students, but students across the Greater Boston area. With a dedicated volunteer staff and cooperation throughout the school community, students (and non-students) from far and wide flocked to Flavor Country’s monthly parties, which were becoming bigger and better with each passing party. In addition, Flavor Country began to develop a reputation as a hub for musical talent, with many of Boston’s top DJ’s playing some of their very first shows there.